“Out of the box” is an expression that describes nonconforming, creative thinking. The term is said to derive from a famous puzzle created by early 20th century British mathematician Henry Ernest Dudeney, in which someone is asked to interconnect nine dots in a three-by-three grid by using four straight lines drawn without the pencil leaving the paper. In order to be successful, the puzzle solver has to realize that the boundaries of the dot array are psychological. The only way to solve the puzzle is to extend the lines beyond the artificial boundary created by the nine dots.

What’s this about?

This blog may have a different meaning to each different person who happens upon these pages. I hope that to some it serves as inspiration to take a deeper look at what we’ve decided to invest our time in. I think that for many, our activities or, the things we call fun, have been guided by things that others have determined are worthwhile, and maybe we have forgotten how to step beyond those boundaries and try something new.

I hope that some find in these pages, the strength to break away from the crowd and do something that they’ve always wanted to do, but have feared what others might think. On the other hand, maybe someone will find the strength to finally conquer that roller coaster or bungee jump that’s been tugging at them for so long.

I think that the possibility exists that, for me, the meaning of this blog might change as it moves forward. In these yet early stages of this blog, I can say that for me, this blog is all about finding a part of life beyond that of working myself to death, literally. And somehow, finding a way of not letting life pass me by. It’s also about pushing myself to experience things that I would normally think were outside of my comfort zones.

In saying that, I mean things that literally push my comfort zones. In other words, doing something that I would have previously dismissed below my standard thrill level, or maybe even something on the high exciting side that I just never dedicated myself to actually do. Basically, just testing my limits, doing ‘something out of the box’ and challenging myself a little bit.

I know in  my heart that life is an experience, with the richest treasures being found in both experiences and relationships. My goal is to experience some things that I haven’t yet experienced, and meet some new and possibly amazing people along the way.

I also hope that as a byproduct of this blog, I can encourage others to ‘ Do something out of the box’. Even if it’s just something small that most people would dismiss as petty, or boring. Maybe, just maybe, by limiting ourselves to experiencing the things that society says are our most ‘exciting’ prospects, we are missing out on the true essence of life.

What I’ve done so far

  • Irish Dance Workshop- I attended my first ‘outofthebox’ experience in the form of an Irish Dance workshop. Before challenging myself with this blog, I think I would have dismissed this as something that other people do. Or, as something that wouldn’t fit my fun level. I was wrong. Sometimes you just have to take a little risk. This ended up being a whole lot of fun. And, the fact that I actually made the time for something new and had fun while doing it, left me with an amazing feeling. Read my Irish Dance Workshop post to learn more about that.
  • Brunch Cooking Workshop- I attended a ‘Brunch Cooking Workshop at the Zephyr Lily Cafe, and learned how to make an amazing Egg Frittata. Be ready to get instantly hungry when you read that blog post. I have also attended:
  • Water colors painting class
  • Adult Acting Class One
  • Adult Acting Class Two
  • Performed as a Stage crew Team member for a play (Bye Bye Birdie) at the Wilson Performing Arts Center in red Oak.
  • Acted in a play- I haven’t written the blog for this one yet, but I hope to soon.  I wish that I would have engaged myself in a drama class when I was in High School. I think I missed something there. Maybe I wasn’t ready then. Nothing like really putting yourself out there for everyone to see.

I also plan to ‘Go skydiving’Hopefully there are more posts after that one. If not, well, it will be pretty self explanatory as to what happened.

My ‘outofthebox’ Shirt

During my ‘Outofthebox’ experiences , I will be wearing a T-shirt that I made up which will make it an official adventure (and let everyone know that I’m not there because I live with my mom, in the basement, proudly displaying my pet rock collection. And, of course, someone reading this just turned red, stood up and started tossing their pet rocks outside. Sorry if I offended you.

Of course you don’t need a special T-shirt to embark on your own ‘outofthebox’ experiences. In most cases, just a positive attitude and desire to do something different is all that is required.


Anyway, follow my blog and see what happens….

Front of my shirt

The back of my shirt.

The back of my shirt.